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Vaping, Juuling, and Tobacco Usage on School Campus Public Service Announcement

Posted Date: 10/28/2019

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Coach Benton, Officer Woody, and Ms. Engler talked with students during their lunches today in an effort to raise awareness of the effects of vaping and the consequences for having such items on school grounds.  


GJHS Public Service Announcement regarding VapingJuuling, and Tobacco usage on Campus. 

In accordance with Arkansas Code 6-21-609

In addition to following district guidelines and handbook policies regarding the prohibition against smoking, the use of tobacco or tobacco products, or the use of e-cigarettes, the school will also comply with Arkansas Code Title 6. Education § 6-21-609 and students will be cited by the campus SRO. For more information, please contact the JH office at 501-679-3433.